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A massage that will help to rebalance the body's energy channels, to promote well-being, support good physical, mental and emotional health and prevent illness. A deeply relaxing experience.


Zsuzsanna has worked successfully with hundreds of people, suffering with issues such as chronic anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, low self-esteem, ocd,  self-harm, ED, anger management issues, etc.  Zsuzsanna is offering 1:1 sessions, as well as running Addiction Recovery Group sessions on Tuesday evenings. Zsuzsanna has a holistic and completely unique approach unlike anything you will have ever experienced.


I am Gill Burrows of Life and Soul Wellness.  I am passionate about achieving real change for you – so you can get the best out of your Life and Soul.

When I experienced changes in my own life with EFT and Hypnosis I began to feel, behave and see things differently and this led me to becoming an Advanced Practitioner in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, Hypnotherapist and as a Pellowah Practitioner.

Making changes alone can be frustrating, stressful and darn right hard when we are controlled by our sub-conscious to 95% and just 5% our conscious being.  Using Hypnosis, EFT emotional freedom technique, Tapping works with the sub-conscious mind that controls 95% of us against 5% conscious mind.  Limiting beliefs, phobias and fears, anxiety, depression, pain, habits, weight loss and body confidence are some of the areas I work with. 

I am passionate about helping you making real change so you don’t feel stuck, overwhelmed, blocked and restricted by what has happened to you in the past and is restricting and effecting your life now.

Change is possible to many areas of life including anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, fears, weight, habits, physical pain, limiting beliefs around these are changed and give you freedom to create or enhance the life you are living. 


What to expect;

I offer a no-obligation call to find out how I can help you reach your goals.

We look at what your goals or desired outcome for change is and I use an intuitive blend of Hypnosis and EFT to get you transformation to your own life, wellbeing on an emotional and physical level.  

I show you tools to use between sessions to support your growth and change.

I will explain why you may have been doing some things on repeat and how I will use my skills tools to get you a different desired, empowering outcome.

We will be working in collaboration, it is not me taking control of you, so building and feeling a great rapport is an important key to success. 

During a session you can expect some discussion, focusing on how you want to be without the concern, the majority of the session will be using hypnosis or EFT to get you the changes required. 

I am caring, supportive, compassionate and I assure you of my support during sessions, using sensitivity, confidentiality, humour and warmth. 


Pellowah is an angelic word for ‘Radical Shift in Consciousness’.  It is not an angelic energy but it is a Source energy, I am the conduit for the energy.  Sessions are non-touch and non-verbal and we do not know what the Source energy will give to you in the session as it is sent as a Radical Shift in Consciousness. As the Practitioner I am moving the energy, you may feel an immediate shift during the session or in the weeks following, giving you clarity, ease in emotions, increased intuition, overcome anxiety,  and self-doubt, a sense of moving forwards and towards a different path or a positive physical change.

Pellowah is simple effective and powerful.

If you are drawn to Pellowah and want to receive a short trial of the energy (no healing) or book a Pellowah session please get in touch for more information.  This treatment can be in person or sent distantly.  

1 to 1 TRE sessions with Babette

 Regular monthly Sunday group/workshop

Babette has a qualified background of massage and teaching exercise and is a certified TRE provider having trained with TRE for ALL (founder/developer Dr David Berceli of TRE LLC) 

TRE (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises) are a set of 7 simple exercises which assist your body to safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking/vibrating/movements. This helps to release deep-held stress/tension/trauma which signals to your mind & body that danger has passed and to turn off the flight/fight/freeze responses to past overwhelming events thereby resetting your system. 

The aim of the sessions are to teach you the TRE process so that you are confident enough to be able to practice this self-healing tool yourself. 


Release/relief from past-held tension/trauma in the mind & body including held chronic pain  

Relief from anxiety-driven symptoms including depression, OCD, negative thoughts, procrastination, insomnia and panic attacks  

Increased energy and motivation

Better quality of sleep

Help with moving forward from grief

Improved bodily functions including digestion, immunity and fertility 

Improved emotional resilience

Increased resilience to stress

Increased sense of calm


Including deep tissue, hot stones, Indian head massage, and seated Acupressure.


A targeted massage using a combination of soft tissue release, lymphatic drainage, trigger points, stretches and gentle breathing techniques.


Relaxation and deep tissue massage with Sébastien


Sébastien specialises in relaxation and deep tissue massage, having trained at The College of Classical Massage in Brighton. His treatments include advanced stretching techniques and myofascial release.


Sébastien offers bespoke treatments personalised to you. He will work closely with you to create sessions that are individually tailored to your specific needs – whether that’s to relieve stress, to reduce muscular tension or to manage pain. Above all, he aims to improve the health and well-being of everyone he works with.


Connecting the mind with the wisdom of the body to support your journey of self discovery, healing and growth. Through talk therapy, somatic experiencing and embodiment. To help you come into greater connection emotionally and physically with yourself and others.’ 

Michelle is running her practice:

Mondays 10am - 6pm


Saturdays 11am - 5pm



Dr Spencer offers a full selection of aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate the skin, including anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers and medical grade skincare from Obagi and Alumier. If you have come for a medical issue, you will never be pressured into any aesthetic treatment that you have not specifically requested, although Dr Spencer will be happy to explain what is available.


With the increasing demands and pressures on the NHS, Dr Spencer found that her peri-menopausal and menopausal patients were not getting the care they needed. There was never enough time to adequately explore all the issues in this far reaching and multi layered phase of life. This realisation has led her to start Spencer Aesthetics and Medical where women can really manage their menopausal issues with the attention they deserve and receive an individualised approach to their care.



Reflexology with Kath

Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy in which gentle, focused pressure is applied to reflex points and reflex areas on the feet or hands, promoting relaxation, balance and a sense of well-being. 

Facial Reflexology also has the added benefits of releasing tension in the muscles of the face and working towards a healthy glow by stimulating the skin and encouraging improved circulation.

Facial Treatments with Kath

The Sanguine Smith Facial & Zone Face Lift are personalised holistic treatments designed to support your skin, relax your facial muscles, and work towards a gorgeous glow. 

Treatments incorporate uplifting facial massage, facial Reflexology, Gua Sha and carefully selected, effective products.


I am fully qualified in Arvigo Abdominal Therapy, Advanced Clinical Pain Relief Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Thai, Pre and Post Natal Massage and Oncology and Palliative Care Massage. I also have certificates in Anatomy and Physiology, Health and nutrition and Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition.


As a qualified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Pranayama breathwork instructor I work both 1-2-1 and with groups with both adults and children.  I am also a paediatric speech and language therapist with a background in psychology working with young people and their parents/carers for over 15 years in clinical and education settings

My passion is to share the benefits of the breath as a powerful tool that we all have access to. It enables us to feel safe, to open up, get better at feeling our feelings and expressing the experiences that make each of us unique in a way that is empowering. 

Breathwork is many things; it is developing awareness of your breathing, it is creating a healthy breathing pattern, it is a single breathing tool for real time control of your inner body or a longer, deeper practice for connecting with physical, emotional, energetic, cognitive and spiritual parts of being. By getting to know our breathing pattern we can consciously take over the breath and begin to learn how to use it to change our state of mind and body. As our ability to regulate our internal landscape increases so does the trust in ourselves to be able to manage our thoughts, feelings and ultimately our behaviours.


An initial consultation with a medical herbalist usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. We will take a thorough medical history and look at your whole story in order to arrive at a holistic, personalised, treatment plan. The treatment plan will typically include a unique herbal prescription, specially formulated for your individual needs. There will usually be some dietary and general lifestyle advice as well, as we attempt to address the root causes of an imbalance.


We are able to work alongside your doctor to supplement any current treatment you are receiving, and we are trained in avoiding interactions between our medicine and pharmaceutical drugs.


Herbal medicine properly prescribed is gentle and safe. We typically organise the first follow up consultation a month after the initial consultation.


Typical conditions we treat:

·     Chronic skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis.

·     Chronic digestive ailments: IBS, IBD, constipation, acid reflux.

·     Nervous: Anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress.

·     Gynaecological: Menstrual issues, fertility, peri-menopause/menopause.

·     Urinary: Recurrent cystitis, interstitial cystitis, gravel, chronic infections.

·     ME.

·     Fibromyalgia.

·     Autoimmune: rheumatoid arthritis.

·     Musculoskeletal: arthritis, tension.

·     Respiratory: Asthma, COPD.


My sessions offer a friendly, warm, holistic, compassionate and safe environment. I'm a registered HCPC Creative Art Therapist/ Dramatherapist/ Psychotherapist. I work with people from various nationalities, cultures & walks of life. I have special interest working with: neurodiversity inc: ABI/TBI; ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, long term covid, dis/ability, chronic health issues; relationship body & mind; carers and young carers; HSP; nature and women's health - not exclusive. My intention is to support clients to gain more awareness and tools to help support their life journey.

Sometimes words can feel they simply aren’t enough. In sessions I offer a combination of verbal and creative art therapy techniques to help explore such as the use of art, images, dreams, movement, music/sound, drama and stories, which can help with self expression. I invite clients to have choice in the way we work together that feels comfortable and safe.

Being a specialized creative art therapist means together we can create a way to work that feels right for you, a space for you to express, explore and safely make sense of your internal world. Please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you may have. The first appointment is free of charge and we can explore what brings you to therapy.


Victoria is a dedicated massage therapist with over a decade of experience in an array of massage techniques,  which will be tailored to address your needs: 


    •    Soothing Relaxing massage

    •    Invigorating Deep Tissue experience

    •    Harmonious Thai Fusion blend

    •    Revitalising Foot treatment

    •    Rejuvenating Indian Head massage


Allow Victoria to guide you in releasing stress and revitalising your body and mind. Your well-being is her utmost priority.

To book your appointment, call or text:  07908 486852 


I am a Registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and therefore abide by their code of ethics while working.

I have also completed further studies (CPDs) on Anger management, bereavement, addiction and working with dreams.

I have previously worked with clients on addiction at Turning Tides in Worthing and more general counselling at New Road Psychotherapy in Brighton. I therefore have experience in working with the following:




-body image and eating disorders




I have been running my private practice for nearly two years now. I am based in Shoreham by sea with sessions available face to face, online and via the telephone. 

I work in a way that is led very much by you and what you need to bring to sessions. I aim to provide a non-judgemental space for people to explore what’s going on for them, to better understand themselves and the world around us.

During our initial session and throughout your counselling we can talk further about your expectations around counselling and what you want from your sessions. Feel free to contact me here for further information on 07912864778.


I'm a former military elite influence operator, with a background in hostage survival, stress management and influence, specialising in armed forces veterans and emergency services.


Now as a therapist specialising in mental health, I will help you to reduce anxiety and stress, build your confidence to return to a more stable life and increase your focus and performance to achieve your goals. I also provide a unique, entertaining and inspiring personal story on stress management, to help you and your team(s) in your wellness programmes.


Concessionary rates are available for Armed Forces, Veterans, Emergency Services, NHS and Education/Teaching Staff.

To learn more, head to



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