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Yoga Teacher and Founder

Lynne has been practising yoga for about twenty years and teaching for thirteen of those. Lynne teaches Hatha, Pregnancy, Post-Natal yoga and provides one-to-one tuition.

Lynne’s style of yoga is a combination of her yoga experience over the years but has strong influences from a mixture of Iyengar and Scaravelli yoga.

She opened The Yoga & Wellness Rooms in 2018.

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Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

Angie’s love for Shiatsu was kindled more than a decade ago and as a practitioner she is particularly interested in the impact stress, anxiety and trauma have on the body-mind and the support and relief Shiatsu can offer sufferers.



Yogardio Teacher

Mandy's challenging yoga-style fitness class mixes yoga, cardio and body weight core exercises in a continuous yoga flow strengthening and toning the whole body. 
Each week the classes can vary but they all start with a warm up and finish with a cool down, stretch and relaxation.

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Pilates Teacher

Katie believes that Pilates is the ultimate form of exercise to help strengthen, lengthen and tone the body and is also a valuable tool to assist during rehabilitation. Pilates compliments many other exercises with the focus on breathing, the core and alignment.




Gill turned to Hypnotherapy to help move on in her life, and enjoyed it so much that it became her career. Hypnotherapy brings fast and long lasting changes to your life, helping to free you from phobias, traumas, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, sleeping issues and other unwanted behaviours.



Massage Therapist

Qualified since 2004, Ingrid has trained in deep tissue, hot stones, Indian head massage, pregnancy and post natal massage. She strongly believes that massage is good medicine, and not just for pampering! It’s a 100% natural, drug-free option to address many physical, mental or emotional conditions.



Pilates Teacher

Jane's classes are always very varied, and while she is extremely serious about Pilates, the classes are not. Pilates is a functional workout method and Jane believes that the exercises we struggle with most are the exercises we most need to do. She will work your body into positions or ranges of movement which are challenging for you -  both in the class and in your daily life.



Hypnobirthing teacher

Vicki runs Shoreham Hypnobirthing. Her antenatal course covers everything you need to know to have the best birth for you - whatever birth you choose. Vicki is extremely passionate about positive births and making new parents excited (and calm) to meet their new baby. Hypnobirthing is focused on science and evidence based research as well as a wealth of techniques to support a more comfortable and efficient labour and birth.




Malcolm believes that everyone is unique and have different diverse issues. Therefore different issues need different ways of listening. Malcolm uses an integrative approach which takes the best bits from all therapeutic methods. Malcolm also helps people maintain what they learn and explore in therapy to cope more effectively and feel more in control of their lives in the future.




Rachel began her career in a busy London clinic, mentored by a renowned chiropractor known as “the baby whisperer”. Upon moving to the South Coast, she built her own successful practice in Peacehaven before moving to Shoreham to raise a family. Becoming a parent has only strengthened her passion for caring and maintaining the health of Mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, into childhood and beyond.



Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Anna runs Lushtums Adur. Her Pregnancy Yoga classes create a special space for you and your baby. Anna supports women with Pelvic Girdle Pain, teaching how to safely modify movement and helping to stabilise the pelvis and build strength in your back, core and pelvic floor.  Anna’s classes alleviate pregnancy aches and pains such as lower back ache, heartburn, or swollen ankles and include restorative yoga nidra relaxation, preparing you for a better night’s sleep.

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Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and EFT Practitioner

Tansy Adair is a Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach and EFT Practitioner; who specialises in transformational work. She supports people to step into their power, share their unique essence and cultivate equilibrium within mind and body. Bringing awareness to the present moment is an essential part of the healing journey, which Tansy gently and skillfully guides people on.

Tansy uses a range of highly effective scientifically proven techniques including: Meditation and Mindfulness practices, Yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) and Breathing practices.

To book a session, a course or arrange a free telephone consultation please contact me on:


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Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Clinical studies and research have demonstrated the value of mindfulness practice in improving general mental wellbeing and health.   Paul is offering regular drop-in mindfulness meditation sessions, with some guidance, each Monday at 12 noon in the Yoga and Wellness rooms.  Paul has maintained a regular daily meditation practice since 1985 and is a masters student in mindfulness practice in the psychology department at Bangor University.



Baby massage practitioner, ante-natal teacher and birth-doula

Suzanne Borrell
Baby massage practitioner Suzanne is a mum of 2, based in Shoreham-by-Sea. Suzanne trained and qualified with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) and is also an ante-natal teacher and a birth-doula.
Suzanne is passionate about all things ‘baby’ and in supporting parents postnatally as they navigate all the joys and challenges new parenting brings.



Multi-Model Psychotherapy

"Not one type of therapy fits all and together we will explore what works best for you." Eve practices Multi-Model or 'Integrative' Psychotherapy, also a person centred, holistic and creative approach to counselling. As a member of The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy since 2014, and the Children, Young People & Families division, Eve can help adults, and children, with any issues you feel are interrupting your basic day to day functioning, and reaching your potential. stay up to date.