Lynne Jarrett and Louisa Cook became friends a few years ago when Louisa needed a yoga class and Lynne needed a massage. Over the years, they realised that their ethos was so well aligned that their skills could complement each other beautifully. They decided to go into business together and create a centre for wellness, opening their doors to other highly-respected teachers and therapists. 

The Location

After Lynne discovered The Rooms at The Old Town Hall on the High Street in Shoreham-by-Sea it all happened very quickly. From the off, Lynne and Louisa were delighted and grateful to receive all manner of help from all manner of people. This help came in many forms, including furniture, cakes, painting skills, cakes, technological wizardry, and cakes. This all made a massive difference to them as they geared up for the opening. 

How to find us: As you face Chambers Bistro on The High St, go down the street to the right which is Town Quay, then go the doorway which is called The Annexe and buzz the relevant classes or treatments buzzer. We are still in the process of creating clear and beautiful door signs so please bear with us whilst this is all being completed.


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