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Sunday Sound and Chill with Pennie

Sunday 3rd March 2019,  10.00 - 12.00

Cost: £25

email pennieyoga@gmail.com to book your space

Sound has the power to bring calm, alter states of mind, be experienced as a mediation, remind you to feel your body, evoke colours and be experienced as a healing. Pennie uses a Tibetan singing bowl, hand held gong and sansula thumb drum to faciliate a personalised sound bath experience.

Yoga Nidra 

Friday 1st Nov 2019 (fully booked)

Friday 13th Dec 2019 (spaces remaining)

1900-2015 (ish)

£15 per person

Email me on lynne@yogaandwellnessrooms.co.uk to book your place. 

Crystal Workshop 

Welcome to the Magical World of Crystals 


Join me for this informal workshop learning how to tap into the magical world of Crystals. 

We will learn how to clear and cleanse our gorgeous selves on all levels 

How to ground and protect our energy 

How to access our intuition like never before .

Learn how to feel their beautiful healing energies 

Work with Crystals helping us with our every day lives 

And so much more 


The workshop is designed to enhance your intuition, sense of self and confidence all whilst being surrounded with the beautiful healing energies of Crystals 


Saturday 2nd Nov 14.00 till 17.00

Cost £35  payable via PayPal 3 weeks prior to the workshop. 

This workshop is limited to 8 spaces so early booking is essential 


For more information or to book a place please either call or message me on 07984397177 


Love and blessing Nikki 

Let Your Belly Out 

An afternoon of Yoga, Meditation and Inspiration at The Yoga & Wellness Rooms

Saturday 16th Nov


£30 per person

Email me on lynnejarrettyoga@gmail.com to book your place. 


Yin Yoga with Mandy

Friday 15th Nov 1845 - 2015

Hello my name is Mandy and some may know me from teaching my Yogardio classes. 

Come and join me with my “other” yoga hat on!

Yin is a slower paced yoga class where postures are held for longer. You may be pleased to hear there isn’t a yoga burpee in sight..... phew!


Yin yoga will help with your flexibility by stretching and targeting the deep connective tissues and the fascia throughout the body.

It also can help your body to alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety. As our muscles relax our breath slows down and allows our nervous system to calm, telling our brain that all is well. 

Most of us have hectic lives and are constantly rushing about. Being a busy mum of three children and constantly rushing from place to place I certainly can relate to that!

 So come and join me at the lovely Yoga and Wellness Rooms for 90 minutes of stretching, relaxing and most importantly making time for you. 


To secure your place please contact me  Mandy Green 07795298812 or email me on 


Price is £15 and is payable in advance please. 


Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts as this will allow you to settle before the class begins. We have mats, bolsters, blocks and blankets but please feel free to bring your own and remember to wear comfortable clothes.


Look forward to seeing you there x


Healing after Baby Loss Circle 

17th November 1400-16:30

For all women who have gone through the trauma of a miscarriage, a termination of

pregnancy (for medical or social reasons), a stillbirth, or any other neonatal loss. This

healing circle invites women to be witnessed amongst other loss mums and to

acknowledge their baby(ies) and feelings of grief and loss.


The afternoon will include:

  • a discussion on loss and grief; reclaiming grief through rituals, and the effects of

       trauma on the brain and the body;

  • some journaling and intention setting;

  • guided meditation and restorative yoga pauses (yoga nidra).


The afternoon aims at providing a safe place for women to support their healing; To

inform and provide some tools to reconnect with their body and quiet down the mind to

better cope with their grief, trauma and triggers. The afternoon will also aim at elevating

women senses and will promote the importance of self-care and the appreciation of

beauty after loss.

Women will be invited to take part in the conversation; however there will be no obligation

to share your story and journey

Goddess workshop every second Wednesday of the month  

Next Workshop: 13th Nov 19:00-20:30

Email angelsofcolour29@aol.com

We are all aware we need balance in our lives: work and rest, intellectual and emotional intelligence. These 'energies ' could be seen as masculine and feminine in their characteristics: masculine for action,  feminine for flow. By balancing then we can discover our true divine authentic selves.


My aim with the Goddess workshops is to help participants find what they need: if they are stressed, they leave in peace; if they are looking for answers they find solutions and feel inspired.  This meeting of like minded ladies gives participants the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and emotions,  inspiring each other in a safe environment steeped in mutual respect 


The workshops focus on independence, inspiration, playfulness,  breaking down self-imposed boundaries,  teaching unconditional love,  compassion and grace. If you are looking for inner peace or a better understanding of yourself and the world around you,  I can help you by bringing comfort,  understanding and peace using practical applications. I aspire to create connections between people and remove fear, helping you to evolve and change into who you really want to be : a truly joyful process!

Pilates WORKSHOPS with Katie

Pilates by Sea

23rd Nov 2019


Pilates focuses on muscle relaxation combined with strengthening the numerous muscles of the body.

Join us for one hour Pilates class followed by:

One hour of Hypnotherapy focused on wellbeing, using progressive muscle relaxation and guided visualisation.

       The Yoga and Wellness Rooms,

The Old Town Hall,

Shoreham by Sea

Pilates works to improve core strength, flexibility and weakness in posture by building on specific muscle groups during a workout. Through strength building and body awareness, Pilates improves athletic performance by ensuring your body is in correct alignment to sustain the demands placed on it.

A workout that is just as challenging as weight training in the gym, it’s an all-encompassing conditioning method.

90 min class followed by a session to design your own program tailored to your specific needs to take away to use in your daily life. 

Booking essential. Please contact Katie Somerville on 07876524524.

Essential Oils Meditation evening with Sophie

Every 4th Friday of the month

Email sophie@essentialblends.co.uk to book your place


'It's a time for nurturing, slowing and gathering resources.

As we shift towards winter, join us in this cosy, welcoming space to
step away from the demands and pace of modern, everyday life and create
the headspace you need.

Spend the day re-connecting with yourself and your needs through guided
reflections and discussions. Leave the workshop with practical tools and
resources for ongoing practic